NHS Track and Trace

Recently the governemt updated their guidance re track and trace, specifically the use of QR Codes. This guidance was sent to our club by the Football Association (FA) with a deadline to implement of 24 September 2020. The full guidance from the FA is in the link below but in summary our club;

  1. must maintain records of all visitors to KCM Arena
  2. must register for and display the official NHS QR Code
  3. continue to follow other guidance to minimise the spread of COVID-19

Failure to comply will result in Government issued fines. Full release from the FA is here;

Since lockdown restrictions were eased and junior football started to return, the club have worked hard to comply with all COVID guidelines. A Risk Assessment has been produced and Rawmarsh St Josephs have spent a lot of time and effort implementing track and trace via EvePass. This has been successfully rolled out and our managers, supporters and visitors bought into it. It’s being used for both Match Day and Training Nights.

The club have seaked clarification from the FA who have confirmed that as we have our own facilities (cafe, toilets, changing rooms, etc) at the KCM Arena we must comply with the Government guidelines and implement the NHS Track and Trace system. The NHS QR Code will be available for all our visitors to use this coming Sunday 4 October 2020.

We do understand that the NHS Track and Trace system can’t be used by everyone and as we need to account for all visitors, Evepass will remain in place and available to be used.

Training at Deane Valley College will remain unchanged and the club ask you to continue to use Evepass.

In summary;
Match Day – Please use the NHS QR code. Evepass will also be available.
Training Nights – Please use Evepass

The Committee of Rawmarsh St Josephs appreciate your ongoing support with meeting our Track and Trace obligations.

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