“My suspension thanks you”

Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC, Chairman, Paul Armin proudly informed managers, supporters and officials that Northern Power Grid had organised, via Steelphalt, that tarmac has been laid on the service road which accesses our car park.

No more pot holes to dodge, no more challenges passing cars coming the other way, just metre after metre of lovely flat, car saving suspension kissing tarmac!!

If you’re visiting the club, as a home or away team member please do check it out. It’s a thing of absolute ‘road’ beauty, possibly the best bit of surfaced road in Rawmarsh and it runs into our car parking areas where you can park up knowing that you, your passengers and car are safe!

None of this would have been possible without support from Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC teams, their Managers, Supporters and our community sponsors and partners. We’re eternally grateful for this fantastic support and for what we have all achieved together this year. The club is reaping the rewards of everyone’s hard work and commitment to Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC and this intrinsic support is going from strength to strength by delivering the absolute best for our local community.

Sincere thanks for the continuing support from Steelphalt, Northern Power Grid and parents/supporters of Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC for helping to make this wonderful tarmac resurfacing happen.


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