Social Eyes Join RSJJFC

Social Eyes And Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC Delighted With New ‘Tie-Up’

Another big step in the journey for Social Eyes FC, who have just completed their first season in the five-a-side, South Yorkshire Ability Counts League – ‘breaking news’ they are now affiliating under the umbrella of Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC for future seasons.

Both sides are absolutely delighted to have taken this step, which will be formally announced at the Rawmarsh St Josephs end-of-season awards night at the New York Stadium on Saturday 13th April 2019. The Social Eyes squad, comprising of adults with moderate learning difficulties, including autism, were affiliated with Northern Counties East League club Parkgate FC for last season, but will now become part of the Rawmarsh St Josephs ‘family’ going forward; but the first contact came quite by accident, writes Margaret Gregory.

Scot Black, Chairman of Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC, takes up the story. “A recent ‘chance meeting’ with Rawmarsh St Josephs Secretary, Bob Cooper, started the conversation between the two clubs about a collective approach. Claire Hobson, Social Eyes Co-owner and Director of Football at Social Eyes explained her ambitions and objectives in Disability Football to Bob, and how she was looking for a ‘host club’ to run from.”

Scot continued, “Our executive committee members, and the Managers and Coaches of Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC were thrilled that Social Eyes chose to be members of our club. During my first meeting at Social Eyes I was introduced to the team and was overwhelmed by how friendly they were, even though it was the first time I had met them. I felt part of the team instantly thanks to the warmth they showed me, and I came away with a great buzz and I was racing away with ideas to engage with them.”

Scot was also delighted when he witnessed a training session. “I did not expect the impressive level of football I saw. I was very impressed by the standard of football displayed, and it was a breath of fresh air to see how engaged our soon-to-be new players were with the coaches.” “Having watched this session I have to say that the ‘volunteers’ who acted as goalkeepers, provided us with another entertaining story.”

“Our committee members and Managers were extremely impressed by my feedback, and when I received the phone call from Claire to tell me that Social Eyes would be delighted to become a member of Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC, I was ecstatic,” Scot revealed. “For me personally, this is a massive part of what I would like to achieve for our club. Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC aims to be an important part of the Rawmarsh community and the surrounding areas. First and foremost, though, we are a junior football club that provides an enjoyable and safe environment in which to play and train.”

“We also promote a sense of team spirit and the opportunity to develop our players as kind and considerate young people,” Scot added. “As a club we will do our utmost to support the Social Eyes team and their guardians and supporters. I look forward to what the future holds for this new venture involving Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC and Social Eyes.”

“As ‘we’ say the future’s bright, the future’s green and white!!”

Claire, a former player at St Joseph’s, is delighted with her club’s new home. “It gives everyone at Social Eyes a sense of pride and excitement that we have been given this great opportunity with Rawmarsh St Josephs JFC.  I feel very positive about this vision and we are already looking forward to the new season starting. I would also like to acknowledge that we have felt overwhelmed by the pieces of training equipment and kit we have received from the club – Social Eyes FC playing kit for season 2019/2020 and training footballs, bibs, stirrup pump, flat markers.”

“The interest shown by Scot and Bob has been fantastic,” Claire added. “With the amazing support Social Eyes receives from its many supporters and volunteers; I feel that we are at the start of something very special.”

“Sincere thanks to all; going forward we at Social Eyes think we are a very fortunate group.”

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