You may have noticed when posting on social media the club uses the hashtag #oneclub. We’ve had a few enquiries on what this means and why the club uses this hashtag so we spoke to Shane, our under 14’s manager to find out why.

When Shane first joined the club he felt that we were more a collection of separate teams rather than a football club striving for the same goals. Shane thought that if teams came together, the club would be stronger for it and as players, coaches and supporters we could achieve so much more as one.

So #oneclub was born and with it we have a real focus and being as one, we are stronger and strive to be a progressive club offering the very best for our community, players and supporters.

We appreciate everyone who is involved in our #oneclub ethos and welcome more of you to get involved. If you’d like to hear about the plans we have for taking the club forward and how you can get involved with passionate people like Shane then please get in touch.

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