AGM – 28 June 2020

On the 28 June we held our Annual General Meeting at Stubin. The minutes of the meeting are below. If you have any questions, please contact your Team Manager in the first instance.

Notes from AGM Meeting – 28th June 2020

  • Paul Armin nominated and elected as Chair
  • Tony Pemberton and Steve Shaw nominated and elected as Vice Chairs
  • Bob Cooper re-elected as Secretary
  • Donna Humphries re-elected as Treasurer
  • Trevor Hedge elected as President
  • Kev South will be joining the committee and undertaking the Club Manager role.
  • Training – to continue to be held at Stubbin until we can get a final decision from Rawmarsh Comprehensive about moving back to their site.  Managers suggested they would prefer to use the gate to the car park for entering/exiting. Agreed this can be done but a manager/coach to wait at the top/bottom and ensure one team at a time so no-one crosses on the steps.  During bad weather conditions training may be cancelled but managers/guardians will be informed if that is the case.
  • Dugouts – planning to complete this summer. Ones on large pitch will be knocked down and built further apart, banking will be built up and fencing all the way across.  Intermediate pitch will have ones built up on far end and mini pitch will be located at the café side. Plans to place astro turf in technical areas. Looking for sponsorship on dugouts and advertising boards available. Further information will be released once costs have been agreed. 
  • Stubbin – A supply of hardcore will be purchased and placed on the lane towards the car park to fill holes.  Volunteers will be gratefully received to assist.
  • Club handbook will be distributed across the club via email/hard copies.
  • Registrations – Managers to start to get registration forms completed along with new photos for players. Sarah to trial the system and then club to agree the process of getting the information submitted to the new system.

Subscriptions for 2020/21 to remain at £175. The registration fee will be £25 to be paid during July and then monthly payments from August to February, 2021. Any players still owing monies from last season will not be registered until last years payments are made in full.

  • Last season each team were asked to make payments of £400 to be paid into the club. Most age groups were able to fund this amount which they’ve done via fundraising e.g. bonus balls, football cards, litter picks, sponsored walks etc, others were struggling.  It was agreed to continue to pull together this amount by the end of January.  Any team struggling should speak to the committee ASAP who can look at suggestions and ideas for raising the money.
  • Club Kit – a deal was signed up with club mitre last season which has allowed some credit for kit. This will mainly be used for the new U7’s team.  Any new players will need to specify kit sizes once registered with the club. Any players moving on this season will need to hand in their old kit which can be utilised for other age groups across the club.
  • Fundraising – Thanks to everyone who contributed towards the collection in memory of Derek Brice.  A total of £71 was raised which the club will be topping up to £100 and donating to Rotherham Hospice.  A plaque will be put in place at Stubbin in memory of Derek using monies collected from last years U17’s team.
  • Signed Man City/Liverpool shirt – the club have two signed shirts which will be raffled off.  Kev will be putting out using paypal for people to pay an amount and then a number will be passed to those entering and a winning number generated at random.
  • Club Monies – managers were reminded to use the club bank account to store funds from their individual teams.  The money can be paid in and is held marked against the specific age group and can be transferred back to individuals bank accounts when required.  This is to protect those people collecting money on team’s behalf.
  • Volunteers – the club would love more people to get involved particularly for helping at Stubbin with tasks.  Get in touch if you have some spare time to offer.
  • Family Liaison Group – managers were asked to ensure there was a guardian representative available on the Whatsapp group.  Messages will continue to be sent through which should all then be shared on the team’s own pages.
  • Club Accounts – Treasurer to share accounts with managers.  The club has recently been awarded a grant of £10,000 from RMBC.  A grant was also awarded from Football Foundation. This year £7,452 has been awarded with further payments expected in future years.  The money is only to be utilised for improvements to pitches/grounds and some has been used already for seeding etc.
  • Fundraising – the club is looking at bringing in further funds and can apply to different funding streams. Shane Horne is putting together a team to look at this and asked if anyone is interested to get in touch.

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